What actually are payday loans and cash advances?
Payday loans and cash advances are lending products that do not require any collateral from the customers. They are short-term products that provide small amounts of money. They are suited to support home budgets till the next payday. Apply for such loans and cash advances and get your money deposited directly to your bank account.
What purpose can I use my payday loan for?
You can use payday loan to cover unexpected expenses, such as celebrating special events and so on.
How much money can I receive?
From our Payday Mobile Application you can get finances up to $1000. The total amount that you can get depends on how much money you earn monthly.
How high are the fees added to the borrowed amount?
We offer fees on a competitive level and according to all applicable federal and state laws. Fees can range from 25$ to 30$ per every $100 you borrow, so for example if you take a loan for $400, then fees will be around 100-120$.
What are the requirements to apply for this payday loan?
We do not make any credit checks, which is very convenient and time-saving solution for the customers. Only the following conditions must be meet:
  • You must be a citizen of the United States and be at least 18 years old,
  • You need to be employed for at least six months before applying for a loan,
  • You have to earn at least $1000 of regular income per month,
  • You need to have a valid bank account.
How do I follow the online application procedure?
You only have to fill out an application form in our Payday Mobile Application. The form is very simple to complete. They you have to submit it and our consultant will contact you very quickly.
What information is required in the application form?
There are very few requirements. You only need to give us your first and last name, your postal address, information about your work, bank account details, identification. If you give all these information, your application will be considered.
Do you protect my financial and personal details?
Our company respects safety and privacy of our customers. Thanks to our internal procedures and technical solutions your data are fully secured. We use 128bit Secure Socket Layer System in order to protect all the information you send us.
Do you charge application fee?
In our Payday Mobile Application there are no application fees.
Am I obliged to take the loan after I send an application form?
There is no such obligation. As long as you don't sign any contract, you don't have to take a loan. Even if your application form is accepted, you don't have to choose anything. However, at all points you can ask questions regarding our products and offers, so that we can clarify all information.
Can I get a payday loan with bad credit?
Yes, because we do not perform credit checks. We don't ask any questions about credit history. Our staff will be more than willing to help you get your payday loan, regardless what your credit rating is.
Do I have to be a house-owner to get such a loan?
No, it is sufficient for us that you pay tenure for the house to your landlord. Since our products are unsecured, there is no house ownership required.
Do you ask customers to fax anything?
We understand that our customers don't have enough time to do such things, so there is no need to fax us any documents.
Is it possible to get a second loans, while the first is not yet repaid?
No, you have to first repay one loan, to get another.
Do you commence employment verification?
We are bound to follow confidentiality rules, and we also want to make the whole procedure very easy, so we do not call the employers.
Is direct deposit required?
Not required, but if you want to get this loan immediately, then activated direct deposit in your account is highly recommended.
When do I get my payday loan money?
Your application form will be reviewed within 30 minutes. You can expect your money to be sent to your account immediately, so you will get the loan on the next business day.
How do I know that my application was approved?
An e-mail will be sent to confirm this. Payday Mobile Application reserves the right to adjust the conditions of approval before we send money to your account with direct deposit option. Then, we help to adjust the repayment date.
What is the date due of my loan?
There are many regulations regarding payday loans and due dates in all states. Normally the date due will be between 8 and 25 days counting from the date of the loan.
Do I have any rights when I want to repay my payday loans sooner than I expected?
If you want to repay your fee before the deadline, then you can contact us, because you may be entitled to get a partial refund of other loan fee.
What can I do when I am not able to make repayment on time?
You can apply for an extension of such a payday loans. Here you have three options:
  • Repay the total amount before on the date due,
  • Pay the finance fee and the part of amount borrowed on the date due,
  • Pay only the finance fee on the date due.
How frequently can I use payday loans?
In different states, there are different regulations about limits of payday loans that you can get per year. We recommend to use these payday loans responsibly and only when you encounter emergency situations.